Welcome to iQubeSDP

We help you learn a tech skill in just 10 weeks.

“ iQubeSDP is an online platform that enables you to acquire skills that will change your life.  ”

What is iQubeSDP

iQubeSDP is a Skill Development Platform that employs a coaching based Training / Learning style to help and guide you in learning a world class relevant technology skill in 10 weeks. iQubeSDP is a virtual platform. You have the opportunity to learn a skill from the comfort of your home as the whole program is online.

SDP brings together a community of mentors and learners. Our Mentors are knowledge-driven professionals in the IT industry who are willing to transfer knowledge to students. Our mentors are willing to help you achieve your career goals as well as inspire you to solve real world problems using these skills and tools learnt.

How it works

Once you sign up, you will be assign a mentor and placed in a team. Your mentor will assign you weekly tasks and learning outcomes. Your mentor will be available to answer your questions and help guide your learning. You will be able to communicate with your mentor via email, Skype or Slack.

You will also learn with a virtual team of enthusiastic learners like you. Your team will collaborate in team tasks and projects.

You will also be also be assigned a capstone project which will require you to use all you have been learning. You will build stuff you are proud and will add to your portfolio.