We know learning a new skill can be daunting. That's why we are committed to lowering the learning curve for you. We help you become good in 10 weeks.

Your Pace, Your Time

You get to work on tasks at your own convenient time. There are no fixed sessions..


When learning a skill, you will make mistakes and encounter difficulties. We will give you access to top industry mentors who will help navigate your learning. These mentors would be available throughout the course of your learning.

Multiple Tasks

You will work on several tasks to improve your development. You will also work on a capstone project that will ensure you use all you have learnt.

Team Collaboration

You will be placed on a team as soon as you commence learning. Collaborate with other innovate minds as you learn and work on projects.

Internship Opportunity

After the period of training, top students get paid internship with iQube Labs.

Documentation & Resources

We provide you with useful links and resources that will aid your learning and improve your development.

" The goal is to make getting started in the process of skill developement easy and ubiquitious across Africa using the power of the internet. "